CEDR (Central Electronic Data Retrieval System) API

Your complete CEDRS compliance solution

A secure, efficient & pain-free solution

LUXHUB's CEDR API provides Luxembourg's banks with the most efficient path to Central Electronic Data Retrieval System compliance, in accordance with CSSF Circular (20/747).

Built upon the successful development and implementation of our PSD2 compliance product, we put banks one step ahead in their compliance journey. 

End-to-end API solution

From file creation to transfer success notification

With such a tight deadline for implementation, LUXHUB's CEDR API is designed to provide an intuitive, efficient and secure route to compliance. 

Effortless file creation

Our CEDR API solution includes an optional software package with CSV Schema & embedding of PGP libraries

Conversion of file to download-ready format

CSV-to-JSON conversion, based on schema provided by CSSF and including pre-validation

Secure file transfer

One-time URL for file download

Notification at 3 key stages

1) File ready for download (to CSSF); 2) File validated for processing (to bank); 3) File successfully processed (to bank)

Utilization of LUXHUB’s established API Gateway & Service Desk

Proven and ready to go, saving time and resources

Mutualized costs/economies of scale

The most efficient, cost-effective solution