ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) - powered by Accenture

A complete, turnkey solution

Automate document processing. Simply. Efficiently.

LUXHUB's ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) - powered by Accenture - enables businesses to automate document processing and remove time-consuming manual efforts.

With a wide range of use cases, from enhanced onboarding to accident form handling, ICR can support any business dealing with a large amount of client data to reduce time, effort, and human error. 

6 simple steps

From document upload to data validation

Automatically process your documents within 1-10 seconds 

1. Request document

Ask the customers to provide a picture or scanned form

2. Confirm the document

Confirm it is the required form by leveraging AI Deep Learning

3. Automate document recognition

Language recognition & image quality assessment

4. Extract the data

Automatic data extraction through Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Deep Learning

5. Data extraction & validation

Combination of AI computer vision & fuzzy matching

6. User validation

Manual data validation, performed by back office operators