The all-in one API

Simple integration via One API

LUXHUB One represents an integration layer giving access to any financial institution via One single API and allowing you to build customized services and user experience.

Build and extend your products

Benefit from Open Banking with LUXHUB One

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Account aggregation

Access bank account information on behalf of the end user and build innovative solutions based on real time data. Here are just a few examples of solutions you can build using the data accessible via LUXHUB One:

  • 360° view of user accounts
  • Personal financial management
  • Income verification
  • Credit Scoring and Up-selling / Cross-selling

Step 1: Initiate the flow

The user initiates adding a new bank account to the application.

Step 2: Choose bank

User chooses his bank out of the list of supported banks.

Step 3: Redirect

User is redirected to his bank for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Step 4: Authorize

User authorizes the bank to share its bank accounts information with the application by performing SCA.

Step 5: Back to app

User is being redirected back to the application.

Step 6: Visualize

User can visualize the account information, e.g. balances, transaction history, in the application.
End user experience

Payment initiation

LUXHUB One can help your users to initiate payments for any purpose, for example:

  • Deposit money to their account within your application
  • Pay invoices
  • Tansfer money between friends
  • Setup recurring money trasnfers
  • Move money between company accounts (treasury management)

Step 1: Initiate the payment

User initiates a payment request from the application.

Step 2: Fill in payment details

User fills in the details required for the payment (e.g. beneficiary data, payment amount, payment frequency etc.). The list of required details depends on each payment use case.

Step 3: Choose bank

User chooses the bank account, from which the payment will be made.

Step 4: Sign

User is redirected to the bank to sign the payment authorization, via Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Step 5: Visualize

User can see current payment initiation status in the application.

Developer Portal

Read our Developer Documentation to know more about the technical implementation of LUXHUB One. Contact us and we will guide you through the whole process.

Luxhub One benefits

How LUXHUB One can help you


Simplify your customers financial life by offering an aggregated overview of all their accounts or allowing them to initiate payments directly from your application.


Use unified account aggregation or payment imitation flow and security profile, regardless of the API standard used by the account service provider.


Easy integration of One API thanks to a clear and complete documentation.

Real time

Access your customers’ bank accounts in real time to create useful and innovative services.


Reduce uncertainty, rely on us to monitor and implement API changes for all providers.
Work with us

Why LUXHUB is your trusted partner


Strong banking knowledge and agility of a start-up.

Cross Borders

Already active in 10 European Countries.


Proven abilities in the area of integration and API implementation.


Supervised by the National Competent Authority, CSSF, in Luxembourg and has PFS Support status.


Our infrastructure is hosted in a highly secured Tier 4 Data Center.


We provide a complete Toolbox to facilitate integration and testing.

Customized pricing

LUXHUB offers flexible pricing tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a quotation customized to your requirements.