One API to rule them all

Gain time and attain data securely!

LUXHUB One represents an integration layer giving access to any financial institution via One single  API and allowing you to build customized services and user experience.

ONE fast and simple solution

Rely on us for account aggregation

With LUXHUB One, we accelerate your business and you can provide more value to your customer


LUXHUB One unifies API formats, security profiles and API flows across banks regardless of the Open Banking standard they follow (STET, Berlin Group or even proprietary APIs)


With a single API to integrate, you will significantly shorten the time to market. LUXHUB monitors and responds to banks API changes, reducing your maintenance costs.

Live Data

LUXHUB One gives you access to customer payment account data in real time.

Strong track record

LUXHUB has developed European-wide recognized expertise in the PSD2 field and is capitalizing on these assets to provide its customers with payment account aggregation services adressing the needs of the market.


We are not visible to service provider as LUXHUB One acts as a technical channel to retrieve information based on your AISP licence.