XS2A PSD2 compliance API

Supporting 1.000.000 payment accounts

Mutualized managed PSD2-RTS Solution

LUXHUB XS2A PSD2 Compliance Product consists in a complete technical solution helping ASPSP (Account Servicing Payment Service Providers) in the compliance with the Regulatory Technical Standards of the second payment directive (PSD2) – (EU) 2015/2366.

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Technical interconnection between financial and non-financial actors

Mutualized Hardware and infrastructure

LUXHUB’s platform acts as a hub and provides the banking community the necessary PSD2 XS2A compliance- related services, secure communication and APIs as a gateway for receiving and granting access to payment accounts for third-party providers, allowing the latter to manage payment initiation and account information requests on behalf of payment service users.


A Flexible extension to the Open Banking Economy

By connecting the dots between Fintechs and Banks, from hardware to the functional level, LUXHUB has developed a centralised API platform which allows the interconnection between different parties in the easiest way possible. LUXHUB will ensure the security and the stability for the PSD2 compliance of more than 1.000.000 European payment accounts in 2019. The LUXHUB experts came up with a complete service offer ranging from the management of the mandatory TPP Helpdesk and Onboarding, to the possibility to exploit monetizable APIs in the near future.

API Management

Complete Management of ASPSP XS2A APIs (versioning, maintenance)

TPP Support

Management of TPP Onboarding and mandatory TPP Helpdesk

Operational management (24/7) of the entire infrastructure

Maintenance of the entire infrastructure.

Mutualisation of compliance costs

Significant increase in Security enabled by Mutualisation

4 Technical environments for all PSD2 APIs

Different environments allowing you to implement and maintain your compliance in a professional way (Testing, Integration, Sandbox, Production)

TPP Authorization

Identification of authorized TPP’s through PRETA and trusted service providers.

Monitoring & Reporting

Reporting dashboards related to API Interfaces Availability and Performance of API Interfaces supervised by SOC

Highly secure Infrastructure hosted in Luxembourg (Tier IV)

LUXHUB is hosted in a Tier IV Datacentre located in Luxembourg ISO27001 / ISO20000 / ISO9001

Easy to implement solution

Partnerships with core banking systems ( Plug & Play) Fast implementation through standardization